Monday, August 31, 2009

A Quick LUSH Stop

Okay, so today I went to the mall with the LUSH in it just to get a Fresh Face Mask. I have been hearing good things about them for the longest time now and have always been anxious to try one. I was thinking I would get either Cupcake or Catastrophe Cosmetic. Usually my skin is dry but in Summer it's always a little bit oilier on the warm days. I also have some redness around the nose area and blemishes. The LUSH associate recommended Catastrophe Cosmetic for it's soothing effects and antiseptic qualities so I went with it! I was so tempted to buy something else... like REALLY tempted... but I controlled myself. Then I was surprised with two free soap samples of Sea Vegetable, and Sandstone! (:
The green soap is Sea Vegetable and the other is Sandstone (has sand in it!)

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Anonymous said...

Two free soap samples of Sea Vegetable, and Sandstone?? LUCKY YOU! (: