Thursday, August 27, 2009

Forever21 Discount Code for August

Hey All!

I know August is just about over but there are a few days left and for anyone still looking to purchase clothes online for Back to School or just for Fall in general I have discovered a discount code for Forever21 that gets you 10% off you're entire purchase! I placed a large order last week for Fall/Back to School, and I decided to try out the code and it did indeed work. Not only did I get free shipping for spending over $75, but I saved a good chunk of change. My order totaled up to be $209.09 and with the discount code it went down to 189.18! Which is a saving of 20 dollars!

So without further adieu, the code is CHIC21.

I hope some of you get to take advantage of it while it's still available. Hopefully it still works, let me know!

Talk to you soon,
Natalie (:

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LePooke said...

can't wait to see your haul!