Friday, September 18, 2009

Konad Haul and Konadicure

So after watching countless good videos on Konad from SayAnythingBr00ke, xsparkage, and most recently NatalieCDF, I finally gave in and purchased a few things from Konad at Of course as someone who is new to Konad I only bought the basics, which is what is suggested. In the picture you can see I bought two Konad Special Polishes, two image plates in M73 and M35, and a two-sided stamper and scraper kit. The Special Polishes are highly recommended because they are super thick which makes it great for stamping and they dry instantly, it's almost like a plastic type of polish. I got everything separately because I wanted to pick my own colors and plates but they have Starter Kits as well. Black and White pretty much go with any polish so that's why I got those colors to start with!

If you're planning on ordering there are two discount codes that both work for 20% off your order! I used the code "nailphile" but there is also the "sayanythingbrooke" code!

Also FREE SHIPPING on orders over $20 dollars - and let me tell you, their shipping is SUPER fast. I ordered it on Labor Day weekend so they shipped it out on Tuesday and I received my package on Thursday!


For my first "Konadicure" (Konad Manicure), I used Essie's #398 Charmeuse (my favorite nail polish color of all time), and the Konad Black Special Polish. I also used image plate M73. I messed up a little but that's because it was my first time using Konad (: I think it looks awesome!

China Glaze Swatch: Spontaneous

This color is definitely one of my top favorite purples. I will wear it year round that's just how much I love it. It is a cream so it goes on very smooth. You really only need one coat for it be opaque but I like to put two to bring out the full color. This nail polish lasts a whole week without chipping with the Seche Vite Topcoat!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OPI Nail Polish Swatch: 25 Colorful Years

This is definitely one of my favorite colors. I love reds that look like this. They are more of a cranberry color than a bright in your face red. In my opinion, this is perfect for Fall - whether you care about wearing colors that go with the season or not! (: It's called 25 Colorful Years and you can find it online on many retailers for cheaper than it actually retails. It is so beautiful!