Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions 2011

Yet again I've been neglecting my little blog over here.  So here is a post to kick off the new year! My new years resolutions! I wanted to write a blog specifically stating each one that way I can always be reminded of them and so will all of my followers. If you want you can tweet me or comment throughout the year checking up on me. (:

1. Get in shape and make healthier choices.
Yes, I know this is the number one resolution that people make every year, but I know I can do this! Last year I did it for two straight months and I felt and looked better than ever, then I had some issues in my life that gave me an excuse to revert back to comfort eating and being lazy. I never got the inspiration to really kick it back into gear so this year I'm at it again!

My favorite way to do this is to have a breakfast smoothie every morning, have a healthy lunch, and then eat whatever my family cooks for dinner. If I go out, I just make stick to the better options, although I never really restrict myself If I want something that isn't the best. I just don't eat a lot of it and don't do it often.

As for exercise, I am starting the Couch to 5K plan again! Yay! For all the information about this 9 week running plan follow this link:
Along with this I work out on the Total Gym in our house five days a week and do pilates using the Ana Caban DVDs by Gaiam three times a week.

2. Sleep more

This doesn't mean sleep late. What this resolution means is to get to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. I want to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night though. I'm tired of going to bed at 2 or 3 and waking up at 11 or 12. (Yes, winter break has got me into this bad bad habit!)

3. Make more videos on my YouTube channel.

I feel like I neglected my YouTube big time in 2010. The whole middle of the year (Spring/Summer) I stopped making videos and I truly missed it! To make up for this I want to make a lot more videos this year and have them more consistent instead of 2 one week, none the next and one the week after that.

4. Go to church more.

I'm Roman Catholic and I love my faith and going to mass and being an active member of the church community. This past Summer and Fall I've missed so many Sunday masses that I just feel terrible about it. I really want to get back to my church and closer to God. <3

5. Write in my journal more.

I love looking back at my old journals from middle and high school. There are tons of poems, doodles, and real emotions poured into them that I forget even existed until I flip back through them and read a little. I know these years of my life are truly precious when I'm learning and discovering new things about myself and the world around me. I don't want to forget what I feel and the memories from this age so I really want to get back into consistently writing in my journal.

6. Pay off my credit card

I made the common mistake of charging part of my college tuition on my credit card. Then I charged more stuff on there and yeah, let's just say there's more money on that thing then I have in my bank account. So what do I need to do this year? PAY IT OFF! Then I want to burn that thing and never see it again! Those things are evil. In the meantime I have my dad holding the card in his lockbox that way I can't use it I can only make payments on it. I plan to make payments on it twice a month with each paycheck I get that way I will have it payed off by the end of the year. If I get a better job with better money I can even have it paid off by the end of summer! That would be great! (:

Okay! So those are all my new years resolutions! I know with the help of my friends, family and wonderful boyfriend (pictured below!) I can stick to them!

<3 (: LOVE!

Okay that is all for now. Sorry this is so long and probably no one will read it, but like I said before this is also a great reminder to myself of my goals for this year and I need to stick to them. (:

Let me know what your resolutions are in the comments!
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GigiRouge said...

Your resolutions are alot like mine! My sleeping pattern is insane; i used to do pilates almost every day in the begining of 2010, but now I havent done a single pushup in months! You should do more youtube vids, as your subbie we all missed your videos! happy 2011!

Anonymous said...

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